2014-15 class details available

Two classes will be run in parallel: one on Sunday afternoons, starting 28th September 2014; the other on Tuesday evenings, starting 30th September 2014. These two parallel classes will cover identical material. Participants are invited to register for one of the two class options:

Option 1: Sundays, 2.00pm-4.30pm

Term 1 (9 classes): 28th September – 23rd November 2014
Term 2 (6 classes): 4th January – 8th February 2015
Venue: The Methodist Centre, 70 Barker Road, Singapore 309936

Option 2: Tuesdays, 7.30pm-10.00pm

Term 1 (9 classes): 30th September – 25th November 2014
Term 2 (6 classes): 6th January – 10th February 2015
Venue: Bartley Christian Church, 4 How Sun Drive, Singapore 538526

For further details, or to register, please visit the Next Course page.

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